tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Album organization -part 7

It's the last day today and I will show you another of Stacy Julian's brilliant ideas that I totally love.

The idea is to use your square punches and punch out faces or other pretty stuff from bigger photos that you don't feel like scrapbooking. I then store these squares in envelopes labeled with the name of the person (I also have a few categories for things). In that way I can still use the pieces of a picture I like. And then if I want to do a layout about someone I have lots of small pictures  all collected and sorted in one place. Before I trow away a photo I always check if I want to square punch something out of it before it goes.

Isn't that a great idea?

Tomorrow I'm going to show you some more needle felting.

Lots and lots of love!

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Maria sa...

Det var verkligen en smart idé!

Jamsi sa...

Jättesmart! Och punchen verkar jättebra. Vad heter den?