måndag 30 augusti 2010

Album organization -part 6 (and a sneak peak of what I'm needle felting)

Today I will give you a very quick tour of how I organize my photos before I scrapbook them. This is also Stacy Julian's way.

The first thing I do with my photos after I get them from the photo store or if I get a pile of old photos from my mum is I put them into these ordinary photo


When I want to scrapbook I just flip through my album and find the photos I feel like scrappin' today. When I am done scrapbooking an event I take the photos I have left and throw away or give away the ones I don't want to use. If there are photos I really like left I sort them into my category boxes...  

My category boxes have the same categories and subcategories as my albums (of course thetabs are color coded in the same way to) . So pictures of Isak for instance goes behind that tab and pictures of my nieces playing together goes behind the Together-the nieces and nephew tab. Stacy describes the use of the category boxes so well in her book so I really just want to encourage you to read it.  if you want to know more.

Tomorrow is the last day of this organization theme. Then I will show you my square-punch box.

Tonight I have been needle felting and it was so much fun, here is a tiny sneak peak...

I want to stay up and do more but I guess I have to sleep

Lots, and lots of love!

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Maria sa...

Du är verkligen ordningsam! Och det underlättar ju inför allt "pysslande" att ha koll på var man har sina grejor - och vad man har.
gullig liten tovad figur. Vad ska det bli, månntro?