fredag 27 augusti 2010

Album organization part 3

Today I will tell you all about my "Here and There" albums. They are divided in to two main categories. All of them are labeled with green buttons

The first category is "Places" This album has a few subcategories but all layouts inside describes places that means something to me.

This is the title page for he first subcategory:  "The garden"

This is the title page for "far away"

This is thetitle page for "at home"

This is the title page for "near by"

As you can see all title pages are very simple and the design is kind of the same. I like to keep it like that so I don't have to spend several hours doing title pages.

This second main category is not in Stacy Julian's library but I felt like I really wanted some chronological albums. I chose to put these under the category "Here and there" since I think about it as different places in life (like birthdays, weddings, births, trips, and so much more)  I chose to name this subcategory "milestones" 

This is the front of the albums

Since they don't have any subcategories they don't have any title pages. I might add title pages though telling the year of the layouts.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about my Near and the dear albums.


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LG sa...

Lovely layouts! And such an organized album you have