torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Album organization part 2

Today I will show you the subcategories of my blue " all about us" albums. These albums focuses on my boyfriend, myself and my nieces and my nephew. Basically they are the persons I scrapbook about the most.  

They are all labeled with a blue button and a symbol for the subcategories

Two albums are about my nephew Isak, They are labeled with stars

This is the front of the first album

This is the second album about Isak. I love scrapbooking about him so I'm actually about to start a third album. Since Isak has his own albums he doesn't have a title page

The  heart labeled album is for my nieces. They share an album for now but when it gets full i will just move over one title page and give the girls one album each.

This is the front of my nieces album. They all have a title page each so it's easy to know where I should put the layouts.

Fanny's title page, The journaling describes the joy I felt when she came in to our family and some memories from when I used to babysit.

Emmy's title page, the journaling describes how I found out she was going to be born.

Alexandra's title page. The journaling describes the first year we had together when I met Alexandra every day since we were neighbors.

Clara's title page. The journaling describes how I used to spend one day every week at their house to get some quality Clara time :-) 

The last subcategory in my "All about us" albums are this red album about myself and David

It is labeled with a flower

This is my title page

Here is David's title page

When our album gets full I will just move one of us to another album

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts

Tomorrow I will show my "Here and there" albums and the subcategories in those.


6 kommentarer:

Scrapkuben/Johanna sa...

Vart köper du dessa album?

Lucy Chesna sa...

a wonderful it

Sara_80 sa...

Vilka bra tips och snygga album!:)
Detta följer jag med spänning :)

Kram Sara

Lilo sa...

Vlken otrolig ordning du har! *imponerad* Här ligger layouter i högar och somliga är i och för sig i sina rätta album. Ingen fara med betalningen. Vi skickar ändå ut lite i omgångar och alla får inte samma dag. Och tänk, vi är supertidiga med att skicka ut den här gången. Det är fortfarande augusti! =)

Mikaela sa...

snygga album! och älskar verkligen barnens LOs. Där kan man tala om att få med många bilder på en LO. Kommer kopieras.

LG sa...

that album is looking great