onsdag 25 augusti 2010

Photo-album organization, part 1

I'm trying out something new at the blog this week. I thought I would do a one week special about how I organize my photo-album. I really hope you will join me and that you will be inspired.

I'm totally inspired by Stacy Julian's library of memories system. You can read all about it in her book Photo freedom. I have adapted the system and renamed some of the categories but the basics are all Stacy's ideas. If you are more interested you can read more on Stacys blog or you can join the Library of memories community at Big picture scrapbooking. I also really recommend listening to her podcast HERE

Just like Stacy I have four main categories in my "library" I mark my albums with colored buttons for the main categories and some albums also have a subcategory marked on the album back. I use American crafts modern D-ring albums. Three of the main categories are in black albums and one is in brown. My four main categories are:

Yellow (brown albums) - the near and the dear - In Swedish: Nära och kära. (Stacy calls this category People)

Green - Here and there - In Swedish: Här och där. (Stacy calls this category places)

Blue - All about us - In Swedish: Allt om oss. (Stacy calls this category Us)

Red - The big things and the small - In Swedish: Det stora och det lilla (Stacy calls this category Things)

I really hope you will join me tomorrow when I will show the subcategories in my All about us albums. Please comment if you have any questions or thoughts.

Lots of love!

7 kommentarer:

Linda Horn sa...

Åh, detta kommer jag att följa!! Superbra!!

Luna D Sign sa...

Vilke fin blogg du har! Tänkte passa på att meddela att jag har en tävling på min blogg där du kan vinna en valfri Lunafigur. Kolla in om du har lust.
Kram Malin

Rach H sa...

I love the titles you have given the categories and the colors coded system and buttons!

Essmo sa...

hellooo! har en liten sak till dig i min blogg... =)
kram på´re!

Maria sa...

Du är en riktig organisatör. Så bra att du delar med dig av dina tips!

Anonym sa...

How nice to see that you embrace Stacy`s system with your extended family. I spent a lot of time getting my head around that challenge. You know - when the nephwes become fathers, things get complicated:)

Hegu sa...

Vad kul!:) Den boken har jag varit nyfiken på länge...din blogg ska jag följa nu...vad spännande!